Add, Update & Removal Instructions: is working to provide the most up-to-date email directory service online. A directory that is also committed to protecting the privacy of those found in it. Keeping with this, we allow visitors to help by adding themselves, updating their information and removing themselves if they wish.

Adding Yourself:
We encourage users to add themselves when the find that they are missing. This will help to ensure we are able to connect you the next time someone is searching our site for you. To add an email address click here.

Updating Your Information:
If you have searched for yourself and found that your email address is out-of-date we encourage you to update. To do this, you will need to search for yourself, find the listing you believe to be out-of-date and click the "Update My Email" link.

Removing Yourself:
Even though we have worked very hard to protect the privacy of those found in this directory, we do realize some individuals may still be sensitive about having their information on this site. In this case, simply fill out the online request form here and we will remove your information.