Address Search By Street Address

Searching for information by street address may also be referred to as a reverse street address search. This type of search can be helpful in locating the name of the person found at a particular address. As with everything on this site our street address search is available completely free of charge.

The results available on may vary depending on the address searched and how much information we have. If a record is found it will typically contain the residents names, census information about the area and a Google Map. While often additional details from property records such as house size, bedrooms, bathrooms, and purchase price are available we have decided to withhold that information for the time being as some of it may be seen as sensitive.

If our site is unsuccessful at finding information on the property you are looking for there are a few other directory sites that may be able to assist you especially if you are willing to pay for results. Just make sure they come with a guarantee and offer money back for incorrect information or no results. To find some of these sites try searching for the phrase "reverse address search" into your favorite search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, etc).